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Growing up as a kid, Chef Tregaye's Grandmother was her first influence in the kitchen. Chef Tregaye describes her Grandmother's home-cooked meals were like heaven on a dish. Chef Tregaye started crafting her cooking abilities and developing her passion for food in her youth, which led her to pursue a Culinary Career by obtaining a Culinary Degree from Le Cordon Bleu. 


About Tregaye


Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine her dreams would have come true, bringing her so much joy and notoriety as a Chef. Chef Tregaye is proud to be the first African American woman to win Food Network Star and one of the first Chefs to bring food to OWN Network with her show "Tregaye's Way." Lastly,  Chef Tregaye is a Host of  Cakalikes, featured on the Food Network and Discovery Plus. Chef Tregaye's goal is to inspire a whole new generation of young chefs and demonstrate by example to her two sons that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to do.


Playing The Game Tour Inc

Playing the Game Tour is a non-profit organization founded by Chef Tregaye Fraser whose mission is to inspire people from all over to be true to themselves and how overcome adversity. By being themselves, sticking to their goals, and not letting anyone or anything discourage them from their path. P.T.G.T. teaches creative culinary wisdom with awesome creative methods like cafeteria takeovers and teaching healthy cooking. P.T.G.T. offers testimony in an effort to show how to stay persistent through struggle and pave a new way! The Playing the Game Tour was inspired by amazing chefs from across the USA. Chef Tregaye Fraser will be bringing professional chefs to Colleges, High schools, Middle schools, Elementary schools, and miscellaneous events to spread culinary wisdom for a (3) day event. These chefs have made it through obstacles and achieved many of their goals.

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