Growing up as a kid, my Grandmother was my first influence in the kitchen. Her home cooked meals were like heaven on a dish. I really started crafting my skills cooking for my younger brother and sisters while my mother was at work. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my little dream would have brought me so much joy and notoriety. My goal is to inspire a whole new generation of young chefs and to show my two sons that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

About Tregaye


Tregaye Fraser, 33 (Atlanta), A seasoned chef who likes to twist old-fashioned recipes with her own unique flair, Tregaye has a passion for the untraditional. She learned the basics at Le Cordon Bleu, but she soon realized that her love for cooking came from her youthful soul and love for fusion cuisine. Chef Tregaye is a successful, self-employed mother who relates best to a younger generation.

Growing up eating her Grandmothers farm fresh cooking, Chef Tregaye developed her love for the Culinary Arts. With her very unique and creative way of designing masterpieces, she became known nationally for taking everyday foods and turning them into whimsical cuisine or food fusion. Being skilled in creating dishes from 24 different countries has afforded her the opportunity to prepare dishes for the likes of: Food Network, Harry Connick jr., Former president Barack Obama, musical artists, Main stream actors, People Magazine, Fox 5 Atlanta, Good Day Atlanta, Uptown Magazines, and Urban Net Experience, just to name a few.

Currently, Chef Tregaye is the newest member of The Food Network channel as the winner of Season 12 of Food Network Star. Chef Tregaye offers personal chef services, catering and cooking classes, as well as tv hosting. She is the first African American woman to win Food Network Star, two-time competitor of Cutthroat Kitchen and 3 time competitor of Guys Grocery games. Tregaye prides herself in being one of the main chefs for Piedmont Hospital Cancer Wellness Center teaching patients, doctors and their families, how to create Friendly meals as well as her charity work with saving our daughters. As well as her own charity “playing the game inc.”

Being a wife and mother, her passion is ensuring that parents learn fun ways for preparing their child’s favorite dish in a healthier, fun and exciting way; which is how she was able to capture the audience

of Food Network’s digital recipe series Mom Wins, as well as her national ad campaigns for Gordon’s fisherman, Laughing Cow Cheese, and Johnsonville sausages. Chef Tregaye has also opened restaurants as a restaurant Consultant for Mad House restaurant and bar as well as Chef Tregaye-N-Company.


Playing The Game Tour Inc

Playing the Game Tour is a non-profit organization founded by Chef Tregaye Fraser where the mission is to inspire people from all over to be true to themselves and how to overcome adversity. By being themselves, sticking to their goals, and not letting anyone or anything discourage them from their path. P.T.G.T. teaches creative culinary wisdom with awesome creative methods like cafeteria takeovers and teaching healthy cooking. P.T.G.T. offers a testimony in an effort to show how to keep persistent through struggle and pave a new way! The Playing the Game Tour was inspired by amazing chefs from across the USA. Chef Tregaye Fraser will be bringing professional chefs to Colleges, High schools, Middle schools, Elementary schools and miscellaneous events to spread culinary wisdom for a (3) day event. These chefs have made it through obstacles and achieved many of their goals.



P.O. Box 2010 Stockbridge, GA 30281



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Playing the Game Tour is a non-profit organization founded by Chef Tregaye Fraser. Click the Donate button below to find out more information. 


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